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Welcome To Planetary Coaching Academy

Commitment vs. Trying

Do you want to know if you are on track with your life, relationship or career? Then one great coaching question is what structure do you have in place to meet your goal?
Are you committed or just trying? There is a difference.
Whatever is going on in your life is what you are committed to. You life is a mirror of you have been focused on.

If what you have been focusing on is not a match to what you want to be committed to, then an underling cause has got in the way. An underling cause could be an unconscious value or belief that operates our behavior.
Trying means that there are obstacles in reaching your goal and those underling causes are stronger than your commitment. Commitment means that you are aware and consciously overcoming the obstacles to meet your goal.

Lets look at some examples:
A student who said she was trying to get in shape to run a 5k. She said she really wanted to be one of the top runners in the race. However she was not running more than a one mile once a week. After just one coaching session she became aware that what she was really committed to, was being comfortable! She had always heard as a child that she was lazy. When she ran, she did not like to push herself for the extra mile so she would quit. Or she would talk herself out of even doing her daily run and just do Facebook instead.
With looking at what she was thinking and buy cialis cost feeling in her body she realized it was not her talking but her mother in her head. Once she became aware of this she began to stop her sabotaging thoughts and switch to claiming these thoughts of not running or giving up are not mine, for I am committed to running more each day, I can do it. Within two coaching sessions she was increasing her miles and stayed committed.
Another example was a young girl who thought she was committed towards earning her master degree. However she had a sick father and moved back home to take care of him. She wanted to spend time with him while he was alive, and hear his stories.
She was feeling depressed and like she had to watch her father instead of she wanted to watch her father.
She realized through coaching that this was more important to her than her preconceived goal and that she was really committed to taking care of her father and her master degree could wait. That this choice actually matched her values. Once she realized this it took a lot of pressure off her shoulders and eased all her should of, could of thoughts that were haunting her and making her feel depressed.

Trying is one of those words we use when we have an excuse, or not fully engaged or simply not really committed. Once we just start saying I am committed our brain engages in a more focused way.
In Planetary Coaching we teach that when you make a change for the better in your life, 100 other people feel this change and it triggers them to make cialis a change too.
When one by one we shift from trying to help our earth become a healthier and a better place to live, to committed with a strong conviction, we will see a difference a vast improvement on earth. The great wonderful news is, it is happening already.

"Coach Louise is a fabulous grief expert. She is first-hand experienced realizing loss sometimes can come suddenly. Her mission is to help change the perception on grief--"that nothing ever dies, only transforms." Her attitude, experience and passion in this well needed work will help you grow through your grief process in less time than it takes many to go through this journey alone. Coach Louise is a woman who "has been there, done that and wore the tee shirt" and will help you accelerate the grief process in a unique way she has come to understand. Why let grief keep you locked up when there is the best grief expert available to you. Coach Louise is exceptionally passionate, caring and sensitive to help you deal with your grief! Why look at the rest when you can have the best: Coach Louise!"

Carol Giambri